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(Wednesday, November 25, 2009/12:36:00 AM)

Hey there, guys. What's up. It's been a while since I last updated, hasn't it? Like... What? 9 weeks? Pft, definitely a walk on a 2 m/h treadmill compared to how long I was planning to leave it for. Anyway, I came back nonetheless to end this madness, this treachery that is my procrastination... And my lack of inspiration and oh! Let's not forget my personal favorite: "Leaving all entities of my friends behind in leaning towards a new and better life... Back in the Philippines." Oh yeah, that's right. After 5 months of dedicated military service, I finally got shot... In the ass, and was forced to be sent back on a whim. Yeah, I'll never forgive the snoot who freaking launched a bullet that ricocheted into my jackboot as much as I'll ever thank him for an excuse to go back home. Anyway...



I'll just make it as short as it is already torturing you people to read this column. Although I may be back in the "Philip of Pines", it's still very frustrating to find a source that connects me to the Internet. And so, for that, yes, I'm afraid I'm going to have to shut this blog down temporarily, at least until I find a stable LAN line, a wife and some booze. :D So yeah, my sincere apologies to (Dare I say it?) anyone who reads my blog at all. I know Howard does, wherever he is. But, it's for the best, instead of being kept hung on a very breakable thread. :\

And, that's about it... Kthxbai.


That I'm only partly responsible for this. And that, in itself, already lies a truth that's larger than lies. Just because the evidence of one course is absent, doesn't mean the absence of that course is evident. xD

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(Tuesday, September 15, 2009/10:48:00 AM)

Hello everyone, welcome back. Sorry that I've been delaying this for ---> ALMOST 3 FREAKING MONTHS <--- ever since a week after I started school and all. But good news, people. I have somehow finally overcome my procrastination problem. And it only took a week of rehabilitation in Al Gazadhum. That's right. I'm no longer in the Philippines. o_o

JEMUEL'S MEGA AWESOME REVIVAL POST! (Mega awesome because I haven't updated for more than a month :\)

It appears this whole Santa Claus (misguided name) college thing was all a hoax. Three weeks after, I found myself being called for service in Iran by my country. Amongst the people who were also called for military contribution were Jeebus Garbazo, my roommate; Saz William Degaryo, my rival in "In-Depth Female Human Body Studies"; Arthur Putani Ingnamun, some guy I met in the bathroom (he appeared to have a problem with his name); and Ah Peng, the only Chinese guy whose name I could remember in Santa Claus college. Anyway, we were asked to pack almost immediately since the call of duty for infantry training or as I'd like to call: "boot camp" in Al Gazadhum. No breaks were given and we left at 0600 sharp on a small boat. Talk about proper mode of transportation. I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to my friends and those nerdy bastards who didn't get called.

13.10 PM - Upon arrival, we were greeted by our commanding officer, Al Wana Fuq-U, who introduced us to our training sergeants, Uliqa Madiq and Usuqa Madiq. It's still hard to believe that they're both not in fact gay.

14.30 PM - We received injections of weak vaccines to counter-attack the demeaning H1N1 virus that has grown to be infamous. Apparently, when we arrived, they ran out of needles so they performed some professional anal-trajectory on us. It wasn't decent at all.

15.10 PM - Intense warm-ups were given, including push-ups that had to be done with only our masculine tower.

16.40 PM - Target Practice. Everyone shot a total of nil except for me who shot the general by accident.

By the end of the day, we were all but wiped out. We couldn't wait to hit the sack. And just as I closed my eyes, hoping for a chance to grasp sight of my family & friends once again in my dreams, water was shoved into my face. And I woke up to Usuqa Madiq, demanding that I get out of bed that instant, in Iranian. It was 10.00 PM. Due to certain circumstances pushed back and forward, no time was to be wasted unwisely and this meant our sleeping hours were to be cut by 45% and training hours raised by 65%. It was a load of douche-shit here in the hellish pits of Al Gazadhum.

Two months later...

Surprisingly enough, I managed to get a hold of Ah Peng's laptop and update on my blog, which I would never dare leave unattended to. Which also explains why I've been inactive for so damn long. You wouldn't believe what they don't have here in Iran: A sense of morality. Therefore and as such, we are also trained to be cold-blooded assholes who couldn't even give three cents about humanity and butter. What we were taught when on the battlefield, was to kill anyone in sight. Smartly enough, me and my comrades disobeyed that system, hence, how we're stil alive. Otherwise, anyone rushing in front of those maniacs would get indubitably shot like horse shit.

Now that's dealt with, I hope this update is satisfying enough for those who actually bother to type in my blog's web address and read it, since I'm that pessimistic.


That sometimes I actually want to kill my best friend for hacking into my life. But sometimes, that's also the exact same reason why he's my best friend. Because we can kill one stone with two birds.

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An Entry Which I Believe Would Please All Who Reads My Blog Since They Don't Care What Kind Of Post It Is, They Just Want Me To Update -_-
(Friday, July 3, 2009/6:13:00 PM)

A friend once told me that "procrastination is the Devil" and I totally agree with her. Ever since the start of college, I was eager to do everything thrown at me, whether it be cleaning or studies. But as the time continues on, Procrastination never fails to show it self over and over again.

See I'm a type or person you would call a "do later" guy rather than a "do now" person. I don't know why. I know I wasn't born with it but I think I developed it a long, long time ago. Every time it strikes, it prevents me to do my best in my assignments, in my quiet time, heck even in updating my blog :p. Truly procrastination is another form of temptation, a temptation of comfort and laziness which halts to do the very best in our lives.

So now, I'm trying to erase procrastination in my everyday life and believe me, it's not easy as you think. I have already develop the habit of saying "later!" every time my mom ask me to do something. Now I still do say "later!" but this time, I heave my heavy bum out of the bed and do the chores. I found it quite interesting now that I do things without being told now. Now I have more time to rest and sleep, knowing that I finished all the jobs for the day!

So I challenge every lazy and uninterested teenager out there (which is probably all the teenagers xD) to say no to procrastination!


Alright, this is the moment you've all been waiting for... the one... the only...


What is a revival post first of all?
A revival is basically an overdue update where the author of the blog would progressively rant about his life, love and some other random word that starts with the word 'L'. Anyways, a revival post usually occurs when the author has been away for three weeks and hasn't been updating for a long, long, long, long, long, long... long time.

Why is there a need for a revival post?
So that the author wouldn't be accused of being an ass who doesn't care about his friends from his previous home and life. By creating a revival post, the author will proceed to tell about his/her life so far in his situation. Also it makes my blog unique and not like other blogs where the author makes it into their personal online diary or whatnot.

Why is there a need to define the term "revival post"?
Because I made it up :p

3, 2, 1...

I yawn rather loudly as the dorm monitor screams out "Devotions" and subconsciously turns on the light, without even a care in the world the he just disturbed the tranquility of a bunch of crazy teenagers all packed up in a rather smelly room. I look at the clock that hangs just a stone throw away from the bed. "5 o'clock". I regretfully stand up, jump off my bed and proceed to wack my roommates head with my fist to wake them up. After washing my saliva-coated face, my day starts as a Bible student. That's if I'm not assigned to dorm cleaning for that day, haha.

To further understand my daily routine, I will explain it to all my readers as deliciously as possible.

Cleanings in FEBIAS include the following: Room Cleaning, Dorm Cleaning, and C.A.P (Character Award Program) Cleaning. Room Cleaning is simple and it usually just involves the room we live in. Basic cleaning sweeping and fixing the shoe rack is done in room cleaning. Dorm Cleaning is however, harder. Each student is assigned to a day in a week to help clean a certain part of the dorm. Sometimes it the lobby, sometimes it's the shower room. It depends how lucky you are. C.A.P Cleaning is a specialized cleaning where you go with a bunch of schoolmates to clean a certain part of the school. Luckily, I was assigned to the Library, so I don't have that much cleaning to do there. C.A.P work is required for all students as every cleaning gives you a grade for your final average every semester.

After that, should we have time, students proceed to eat breakfast and finally, school starts. I have to admit that the subjects are not that hard, ranging from very easy work to group presentations. (which I always enjoy by the way) I guess the only I can't do my best in is probably Music, thanks to the super-extensive music education I had back in Brunei (know that I'm being sarcastic -_-).

After class, all Basic Bible Course (BBC) students are required to spend two hours in the library. You can do whatever you want in the library (except of course, mingling with girls and such), do your homeworks and probably read a book or two.

Finally, we all proceed back to our dorms and eat dinner. Oh and by the way we have curfew O.O. Our curfew starts at 10.00 pm sharp, all lights closed, and all cellphones off. We wake up at 5.00 am and the whole routine repeats itself again.

To the normal and reasonable people reading this, they'd probably just shoot themselves in the head rather than going through this head-stiffing and rather boring routine over and over again. But you know what... I ACTUALLY ENJOY IT! I'm rather thin now thanks to all the cleaning and it also gave me a sense of discipline in my body every now and then. So yeah I'm actually quite grateful with all of this. Until next time!


That I'm currently head over heels with someone. Not like it's a revealing secret or anything =/

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Another Week Before My Dreams Are Finally Realized. I Hate You, CHED.
(Sunday, June 7, 2009/7:33:00 AM)

Just recently (well not that recently), the world was plagued with a new strain of flu virus, the H1N1 flu virus, otherwise known as the "Swine Flu". This deadly epidemic has not only ravaged the country of Mexico but as well as Europe, Asia, even reaching to our South-East Asian nations. Not only that, this disease has also forced me to swear not to eat any pork products at all.

Psyche. I had barbecued pork for dinner tonight.

Well in any case, do you know that there's even a deadlier disease than the swine flu we are having now? Yes, and its lingering in our computers now. It attacks mostly the masculine gender and when it attacks, it leaves us craving for more of it. Though I thought that the feminine gender was immune to it, in this era however, anyone can get it.

I think everybody know by now what I am talking about.

Yes my friends, I'm talking about pornography.

Pornography is a disease, a virus which causes innocent boys (such as myself, ho-hum) to lust over a fellow female. And in my opinion, I think it's rather disgusting. I admit the fact the I used to go to this sites and honestly, I think I'd still be into this inhuman vice if it was not for my conscious.

Some people would say, meh, what's so wrong about it? It's an everyday thing. This is exactly what I mean. The world is so deep into this sin, they feel no fault into viewing it.

Honestly, people, now it's the time to choose. If you still continue into this path of addiction, you may not get back on your feet anymore. Decide right now.


Perhaps it's time for me to make an update. A rather LONG update indeed, since the last time I talked about my life, it was about a month ago. Alright, where should I start?

It has already been about a month since I left Brunei (no it's not the country where people swing from tree to tree), to reside into the beautiful(I'm exaggerating, of course) country of the Philippines. When I first landed onto Clark Airport, I realized just how many people there are in the Philippines. The number is just too high, you'd have a headache just looking at them. I remember the first thing on my head was "God, let me go back to Brunei"

But as time passed, I began to love this overcrowded country of mine, from it's very dirty tricycles, to its really HUGE Mega Malls. Honestly speaking, I know I'll have a blast here.

I just wish I have school now =/

Most people I know (and that's a lot of people) would seriously be overjoyed to know that school openings all around the country has been postponed until next week. I, on the other hand, banged my head on the kitchen table due to the sheer disappointment that just hit me straight on the face. ANOTHER WEEK of holidays? Oh come on!

Due to some foreign student getting a positive test on the H1N1 flu virus in the University De La Salle, CHED (Commission of Higher Education) have decided to close down all the colleges around the Philippines till June 15. Oh for Pete's sake my college is ten billion miles away from La Salle, so there is absolutely NO way my college has been infected.

Don't you like holidays, you ask? Try being in a holiday since November 2008 and then reason with me. Do you know how long I've been waiting for this? TOO LONG.

Sigh... nothing ever happens if I complain anyways. So instead of whining about it, I'll probably just find something to fill up my day till next day. Maybe God is telling me if you want to go to college so badly, you can wait for another week. I can never understand his ways =/


That I like really do like drama series, no matter how lame it is. Especially Filipino ones. There's this series called "Precious Hearts" where I actually get angry if I miss an episode. Don't judge me =P. This is who I truly am, haha.

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New Place, New School, New Look, New Perspective, New Blog, Apparently
(/2:43:00 AM)

Forgot to write "New Entry" in the title as well.
Due to the some seemingly strange situations, I have decided to completely re-vamp my blog, from the stupid introductions, to the empty chatter box where people hardly even talk. Hah.

The reason?
Well, I guess you can say I got bored of the pills flying around my blog. They seem to take more attention than what I'm writing.

So why not just change your blog skin?
Well after re-reading through my previous posts (like from way beyond) I found out an interesting fact about the way I blog last time. I suck like crap, man. So the posts had to go as well =/

But why change the blog link and title as well? I like the title "iPanadol".
I like it too, but that title represents a previous life I don't have anymore. Sigh, how "emo" much. Well whatever the case may be, iPanadol is a different blog, and so is "Confessions Of Insomnia". Don't worry too much, I'm still the crazy, sarcastic Jemuel you all know and love. I just wanted a fresh new start at life, is all.

Now the most reasonable thing to do now is at least update on what's been happening to my life ever since I left The Abode of Peace. I'll get on that as soon as possible, but not right now. I still have a lot of editing and other random things to take care off.

Perhaps you could tell us about how your new blog setup will be like?
Good question, maybe I will.
Well basically, my everyday entry will start off with a random topic, let say for example, "Abortion". Then I will discuss about it, giving you guys the "insomniac perspective" as I so amusingly imply.

After that, I'll tell you a little update about my life, whether I got B+ plus in my chemistry or I got myself a new girlfriend (how did I ever fool her?), you know, like a normal blog-like entry. This is for the people who basically just visit my blog to see how life has been treating me. I have no qualms against that, mind you.

Finally, since the title of my blog is called "An Insomniac's Confession", there will always be a secret about myself that I will reveal after each and every entry, making it more unique than your typical blog. How does that sound?

And that's about it, apparently. I hope you guys continue to support the blog from the years to come.

Your ever-crazy blogger,


That I'm not really diabetic. I just HATE sweet stuff. I don't get the joy of eating chocolate or ice-cream, in my opinion, the sweetness of it just makes me want to vomit. However, I only eat these sweet food should the situation calls for it (like there's nothing left in the fridge except your sister's half-eaten fudgie-bar =/)


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